Relevant advertising.

Locbird advertising will help increase sales.

Attract new visitors within 1-7 miles of your store, restaurant, etc. by telling people about exclusive offers.

Locbird Ads Locbird Ads.
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Focus on business.

And we will take care of the technologies and appropriately attract the attention of people to your Brand, who are within a radius of 1-7 miles from your offline business.

Paste the QR code in a suitable place at your point of sale and keep the attention of customers with exclusive offers for a long time.

A simple solution, convenient mobile application for the user, developing your business.

Locbird Locbird.
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locbird Locbird.
Start the sundress radio, stimulate demand, increase the urgency.
  • Report discounts, promotions, events, offer exclusive products and bring to life your vision of a product or service.
  • Create high-quality promotional offers to leave a vivid impression on the customer and launch a wave of sundress radio.
  • The impression of the brand is formed by a smooth transition between online and offline contact. Make sure your creativity is bright.
  • Next comes the moderation process. But you can proceed to adding exclusive.

    Adding an exclusive is a little more difficult than adding a point of sale.

    Next comes the moderation process. Immediately after moderation, your exclusive will be available in Locbird.

    It just works. You associate your exclusive with the real address of a cafe, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop or store. Place the QR code at the point of sale so that your customers know that you are at the Locbird.

    You are getting:

    Yes, it can, but so far it is doing it badly. Because few people know about Locbird.

    Nonetheless, exclusive ads in Locbird can generate repeat sales right now. To do this, you need to place the QR code at the point of sale. This will help your customers know that your company is in Locbird. Now your clients will be able to learn about exclusive offers from you when they need it.

    Don't wait. Take action.
    1. Locbird will increase the number of visitors to the restaurant, cafe, offline store, etc.
    2. Locbird will help you retain new and returning customers.
    3. Locbird will help increase the number of sales in the store, restaurant, cafe.
    Locbird Ads Locbird Ads.
    locbird ads google play locbird ads appstore